Two new oil paintings from Manchester


Version 2.0 goes on sale today in the App Store!
-17 touch activated animations
-A secret surprise if you find them all
-Two fully illustrated alternate story lines to choose from

Still just $1.99

Another oil painting, this one of the Merrimack Pine Island Pond, just south of the city.

Two new oil paintings.

Livingston park


Lake Massabesic


really happy with that last one.

The Art Institue I live near has free 3 hour figure drawing open sessions. This is from yesterday, in charcoal.

Two new oil paintings to share:

This one is giant! 8′ by 4′. It’s mixed media – mostly acrylic with oil glazes in parts – on wood panel.


much smaller (16x36ish) oil on hard-board.

Hagar the Harfowl, an illustrated story in verse for children, is now available as an iPad app. Seamlessly scroll through the rich visual world of Hufaloo Woods!

This is a remake of a piece I did earlier (in Asheville, NC actually) for my portfolio.

For those who may not know, I am finally back on the east coast! It has been an amazing 7 month journey around the US and I am so grateful to all of the people I met along the way who helped me out in so many ways! Also a huge thanks to my friends and family back home for their support. For now my traveling shoes are shelved and I am focusing on assembling a portfolio and seeking work as a children’s book illustrator. I am also going to be putting the finishing touches on a few of my own stories and e-publishing them on Amazon and google books in the months to come, so keep and eye out!

Thanks everyone for following the journey!!